Earable Computing

Projects around sensing and signal processing using the microphones and IMUs in today’s earphones and glasses.

MUTE exploits the velocity gap between RF and sound to improve active noise cancellation.

Paper in ACM SIGCOMM 2018 [Slides]

Press Coverage [MUTE]: NAE Radio, BBC, Yahoo News, IEEE Spectrum, ACM TechNews, Daily Illini, The National, La Repubblica, New Atlas, Eureka Alert, Science Daily, ...

Acoustics and Vibration

We explore new modalities of communication (and attacks) using inaudible audio and physical vibrations.

Backdoor shows high-frequency ultrasonic sounds can be designed to be recordable by unmodified smartphone microphones while remaining inaudible to humans.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2017 [Slides]

Paper in NSDI 2018 [Slides]

Ripple shows the feasibility of using physical vibration as a new modality for information transfer, where we perform user authentification through a ring.

Paper in NSDI 2015 [Slides]

Paper in NSDI 2016 [Slides]

Another application of Ripple where we transmit live audio through vibration signal.

Press Coverage [BackDoor]: The New York Times, IEEE Spectrum, The Science Times, New Atlas, Science Daily, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, ...

Motion Tracking

Projects are around 3D tracking of arm, wrist, and fingers using IMU sensors from smartwatches (with applications in healthcare and sports analytics).

ArmTrak estimates the user's arm posture when user is static.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2016 [Slides]

ArmTrak demo while user is moving.

MoLe infers finger motion as well as what word the user is typing, through a smartwatch IMU.

Paper in ACM MobiCom 2015 [Slides]

Press Coverage [MoLe]: Daily Mail, Sina News, Yahoo News, The Times of India, News.com.au, Bangkok Post, Daily Illini, ChicagoInno, Motherboard.VICE, Wareable, PhysOrg, Popular Science, TechRadar, ConsumerAffairs, EurekAlert, Security Affairs, Silicon.fr, ...

Indoor Localization

We are building practical indoor localization systems using a fusion of smartphone sensors, wireless radios, and crowd-sourcing.

UnLoc smartphone localization system is deployed in our CSL building.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2012 [Slides]

WalkCompass robustly infers walking direction from smartphone IMUs wherever the phone is placed.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2014 [Slides]

PhonePoint Pen tracks the 3D location of phone in the air.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2011

Press Coverage [UnLoc]: Gizmag, TG Daily, Scientifc American, News Observer, The Verge, PhysOrg, Connected World, Fast Company, I Programmer, Prescouter, Duke Today ...
Press Coverage [PhonePoint Pen]: American Scientific, Slashdot, The Guardian, UK, ABCNews, Yahoo News, ScienceDaily, MSN UK, Live Science ...

Augmented Reality

We have optimized vision-based augmented reality systems to operate in real time by leveraging location information.

Overlay demo in our CSL building.

Paper in ACM MobiSys 2015 [Slides]